Deposit Payments

This page is very important, it tells you how to make your deposit payment and the the terms of the payment. Please read carefully
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To reserve your holiday home, we ask all our guests to pay a booking deposit. The minimum booking deposit required can be as low as 5000 Baht. Or one months rental. Once your deposit is received we will send you a confirmation e mail with the dates you have booked to stay with us.

Please note that some of the associate owner's who advertise on this website have different deposit requirements.

Before making a deposit please make sure the room is free and has been reserved for you.

There are two ways of paying your deposit.

1)Pay online using PayPal. (Please be aware there is a 5.5% surcharge when using PayPal)

2) You can send your deposit by bank transfer to our bank in Thailand. Contact us and we will supply our bank account details.

To use PayPal. E mail us confirming that you wish to place a booking. We will then send an invoice to your e mail address. Via PayPay.

After that it's easy. Pay online. Our invoice is sent using PayPal.

Simply follow the instructions on the PayPal invoice.

Please Note: Should you cancel for what ever reason your holiday or change your holiday destination your deposit is not refundable. If how ever the landlord of the property can not for what ever reason (Unless death of the said landlord) fulfil their agreement to rent the agreed property or provide a suitable equivalent then the deposit well be refunded in full.

Please: Before travelling make sure you have adequate travel and medical insurance.

Remember at Thai holiday homes you can always contact us if you have not been able find the holiday home that you want to buy or rent in Pattaya or Jomtien Thailand and we'll be happy to help. Pattaya has something for everyone whether your looking for a house condo or villa and prices to suite all budgets. At we pride ourselves on the service we give our customers. Can you suggest ways in which we can improve our service? Please contact us with your suggestions. Where here to help and the best way to help is by listening to you.